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Fruit juice


Fruit juice

Quince Apple + Quince

Fruit juice

Apple + Banana

Fruit juice

€630.00 Green Apple

Fruit juice

€630.00 Apple Mix

Fruit juice

€630.00 Apple + Ginger

About Us

GP Impex Ltd is a newly formed company in the territory of Hadzhidimovo, Hadzhidimovo municipality, Blagoevgrad district. The technological equipment was installed, tested and in October the production of juices began. The company offers on the Bulgarian health market a wide variety of first-class FREYA fruit juices with taste and aroma of nature, with healthy and natural vitality in every sip.

We are open to your suggestions, recommendations and comments. Your opinion is most important to us. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Fruits and health


If you are wondering what kind of fruit you can eat at any time of the year with many benefits and great effect, bet on the apple. Besides being very tasty, crunchy and juicy, it is also terribly healthy.


A fruit whose healthy properties few people know about


Their daily intake has been proven to strengthen the immune system and successfully fight off flu viruses


Thanks to the higher fiber content of pears, you will also get a longer feeling of satiety, which will indirectly help you fight the pounds.


In addition to slowing down the aging process, the fruits neutralize the effect of free radicals, thus preventing the body from forming malignancies.


Raspberries are high in fiber and antioxidants.

Our mission

The entire team at FREYA is dedicated to the idea of presenting the Bulgarian and foreign markets a completely natural, wholesome and tasteful product at a reasonable and affordable price.

A wide range of first-class cold-pressed fruit juices from the finest Bulgarian fruits - (forest and cultivated) with highest quality, without any additives or artificial ingredients.

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